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Breakdown and Maintenance Service

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breakdown1Network Data Power Solutions understands the importance of getting our customers back up and running. We offer a reliable and responsive breakdown service with our skilled technicians ready to assist with tripped circuits, loss of power, lighting faults, motor and pump faults, overloaded circuits and other electrical faults. We strive to have your business up and running as soon as possible.
We also offer preventative maintenance services such as inspections, routine servicing and thermal imaging.

24-Hour emergency breakdown repairs

If you have an electrical breakdown at an odd hour, fret not. Contact us for our 24-hour emergency electrical repair service. Our electricians will be on the premises as soon as possible and work quickly to control and eliminate the issue.

Routine electrical maintenancebreakdown2

We provide Programmed Preventative Maintenance (PPM) in monthly or 6-monthly intervals. This ensures your electrical devices and systems are performing as they should. Preventative measures help your business eliminate vulnerability to safety hazards and protect employees from unnecessary harm.

RCD testing

RCDs can only provide ongoing protection if they are operational. We provide RCD testing, repair, replacement and upgrade services. We can supply and install your safety switch and make sure your workplace is protected against electric shock.

Emergency light testing

Long-term reliability is crucial for emergency lighting to ensure that it function properly during an emergency. We provide emergency lighting testing, repair, replacement and upgrade services. We also supply and install them.

Test & Tag

We provide testing and tagging services by which electrical equipment is inspected and tested for safety according to set intervals. Our team can notify you when your test and tag obligations are due to ensure your business is completely compliant with the current Australian workplace standards.

Thermal imaging – infrared thermographic scanning

We have the latest in FLIR technology using Thermal imaging which can help find hot spots caused by defects in connections and components. It detects problem areas so that failure or damage can be avoided ahead of time. This leads to less downtime and productivity loss.

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About Us

NDP Solutions is a Canberra based electrical contracting company that provides a range of electrical and data communication services to the Capital Territory and surrounding areas.


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